Why Does Harry Drop The Resurrection Stone?

Why Does Harry Drop The Resurrection Stone? Does He Did Not Need It Anymore?

One of the most trending questions all over social media platforms is “Why Does Harry Drop The Resurrection Stone?” This news has reached the audience with a high level of shock. The fans are eagerly waiting for an answer. Here is the answer. Read the full article to know the reason behind such a step.

Why Did Harry Drop The Resurrection Of The Stone?

First, let’s know why is the stone so different. The Resurrection Stone is believed to be the second magical item in the Harry Potter movie. The ‘Stone Of Resurrection’ could bring back dead people from the past. The stone is considered to be one of the most powerful magical items. Now let’s concentrate on Harry’s reason. Harry didn’t want to bring back dead people from the past.

Why Does Harry Drop The Resurrection Stone?

He knew bringing back people from the past will result in difficulties in choosing the Master Of Death. But later on, it was seen that Harry himself became the ‘Master Of Death. Harry’s main motive was to stop Voldemort from becoming the “Master Of Death”. Hence Harry decided to make himself the “Master Of Death”. During the battle between Harry and Voldemort, the Dark Wizard was killed. But later on, it was revealed that the Dark Wizard did not die. Instead, the soul of Voldemort dies due to its injuries in the fighting. Hence Harry became the “Master Of Death”.

Who Is Harry Potter?

Why Does Harry Drop The Resurrection Stone?

The famous novel “Harry Potter” was written J.K.Rowling which later was liked and loved by every person on earth. The first season was released on June 26, 1997. This release continued till July 21, 2007, making the series World famous. The whole story is divided into seven parts. Harry Potter is the main character of this book authored by J.K.Rownling. The first book was published by  Bloomsbury. Later on, with the same plot, various movies were filmed which also got very famous and were liked by almost every kid.

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