Kelly' trial begins as prosecutors begin the closing statements

R. Kelly Case Update: Juror justify from R. Kelly Child Sex Abuse Trial After Having Panic Attack During Closing Arguments

The American singer, songwriter, and record producer R.Kelly has been previously accused of ‘child pornography.  The trial of R.Kelly successfully closed it’s the first day of hearing after invigilating the whole case from the Jury. This 55-year-old man was first found handling child sex and pornography.

He was then charged with thirteen total cases after being found guilty. R. Kelly’s trials took place in Chicago city. A whole of four hours was needed for the first day of deliberations. The first case was raised when Kelly was allegedly found sexually abusing his fourteen-year-old goddaughter.

He was first caught for this terrible charge in 2008. Kelly today has come a long way in handling this case. Not just Kelly, but he had two followers who are equally responsible for this incident. The first deliberation started at 1 pm and ended around 4.45 pm.

Kelly' trial begins as prosecutors begin the closing statements
Kelly’ trial begins as prosecutors begin the closing statements

The next deliberations are scheduled to happen at 9 am on Wednesday morning. Kelly was not deliberately framed as the prosecutor played relevant videos where he was first caught abusing his goddaughter. Many sex tapes were shown as proof in the court which prove that R.Kelly is actually guilty of the charges pressed.


Kenny’s defense attorney Jennifer Bonjean pleaded with the jury to decide fairly and ignore the facts and news spread by the media. He requests the jury to concentrate on the proofs submitted in the court about Kelly. Jennifer Bonjean also requested the jury in the courtroom to treat R. Kelly as John Doe. The defense attorney clearly said to ignore the sex tapes and previous sexual lawsuits as those do not have any relation to the case.

Those tapes and videos were made just to frame him and that might result in Kenny receiving unnecessary punishments. He has removed his hand from the tape saying that the person on the tape is not him. Thirty people were brought to the courtroom for identification and witness for Kelly’s charges.

Kelly' trial begins as prosecutors begin the closing statements
Kelly’ trial begins as prosecutors begin the closing statements

But even after so many requests, the prosecutors clearly said that whatever is there in the tapes, they will have to believe that only. Pozole clearly mentioned that even after the jury spend hours deciding, Kelly’s one incident of urinating at a fourteen-year kid will always be considered a punishable offense. There can be no justification for what he did. There were four more women who were brought for testification and witness. Even they revealed their sexual harassment incidents where Kelly was involved.

Kelly was previously sentenced to thirty years of jail imprisonment in the federal court of New York. Even if Kelly has contested the punishment sentence, he won’t be left easily but this can add more years to his imprisonment sentence.

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