What Episode Does Sabo Eat The Flame Flame Fruit: Everything You Need To Know

What Episode Does Sabo Eat The Flame Flame Fruit? Everything You Need To Know

The anime One Piece has always given us numerous surprises. The rating of One Piece has taken up more after the introduction of Sabo. Right now Sabo is playing a very vital role. The whole interest of the audience has been attracted by the Devil Fruit.

Does the main question arise who will get the Devil Fruit first? On one side there is Sabo and Luffy who is trying their level best to get hold of the Devil Fruit and on the other side, there are a few devil pirates who have their eyes on the fruit.

How Sabo Got The Devil Fruit?

What Episode Does Sabo Eat The Flame Flame Fruit: Everything You Need To Know

This fruit was hidden by Ace just before his death. Everybody knows that if they get hold of the fruit, they become as strong as Ace was. The only difference is Luffy and Sabo has positive intention and the pirates have negative intention. But the twist starts here when Doflamingo keeps to different fruits “Devil Fruit” and Flame Fruit” is to confuse all. The Devil fruit gives much more power than the Flame Fruit.

The whole scene where Sabu found the devil fruit was shown in ONE PIECE EPISODE 678. This episode was titled ‘Mera Mera No Mi. Both Sabo and Luffy competed against each other for the task appointed by Doflamingo. Even though Sabo knew that Luffy was keen to get hold of the fruit, it was unknown to Kuffy that Sabo wanted that fruit so badly. On the other hand, several pirates got into common war for the Devil fruit. But the moment they came to know that Luffy is also in this scene, all the pirates decide to fight together against Luffy.

Luffy and Sabo Reunite and Eat the Flame Fruit – Gain More Power:

What Episode Does Sabo Eat The Flame Flame Fruit: Everything You Need To Know

In the next episode, it was shown that Sabo and Luffy managed to reach the final stage of the fight. This episode was titled as “Fire Fist Strike”. Even through all the pirates were together, very few were actually alive at the end of the competition. Unfortunately, Sabo won the battle but ate the Flame Fruit. Seeing this Luffy was extremely happy. Luffy changed his mind and appreciated him for winning the battle.

Sabo eats the fruit in front of Luffy. During the process of gaining more power, not just Sabu but Luffy also got to know as it collected powers from the surrounding. With this happy moment, the episode ended.

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